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WOMI Harvest Report 2-7-23

Harvest Report


Hello friends! I am excited about writing my new blog for WOMI. This outlet will allow me the opportunity to share with you news, views, and updates concerning World Missions and feeding the hungry. So be on the lookout for my blog!

We jut received some very exciting news from our local food bank. As you know, Ignited Church has a food outreach to the local community called Manna Ministries. The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia just released our numbers for 2022. We purchased and gave away 32,909 lbs. of food, which is the equivalent to 27,424 meals! This does not include food items/supplies WOMI gave away to local agencies and homeless ministries. Because of your generosity WOMI has been able to not only help those devastated by natural disasters, but assist others who have fallen on hard times. With our “Stack the Rack” program, you have made a tremendous difference in the length-width of our reach. Simply put, together we are doing more! Thank you for helping us reach those who can’t help themselves!

For the Harvest,

Benjamin Faircloth

President/Founder WOMI

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